The Completion of the Studio

This is the whole studio throughout the stages of construction.  Please feel free to look through all of them.

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All Hail cyclorama!

Green Screen

Green screen viewed from the stage storage area.

Ah! What is a cyclorama?  Well before we get to that, let me explain how we came to the conclusion of doing such a project.  Now the studio was structurally built, and we figured out how everything was going to be positioned from where the talent would stand, and the position of our cameras.  The lighting was still an issue at this juncture of the building of the studio, along with everything else.  Chris, our show producer, and a recent graduate of film from SCAD, brought to my attention the issue with the hard corners, which I didn’t think would be a huge problem.  This wasn’t until Dave told us he wanted to seamlessly move around the set during live production.  This meant the hard corners would ruin the green screen effect and you would see lighting difference from the different corners during live production.  Chris then showed me this video:

How to build a cyclorama wall from Sam Robles on Vimeo.

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The studio. Oh yes, the studio.

The old studio setup

At this point in my career I have been working at RedChip for about 2 and half years.  During that time, I have been responsible for the IT support, web development, and media development.  When you work for a small company you find yourself doing many different jobs.  Ask any IT tech that is currently in the industry, to be responsible for any thing that “plugs into the wall” is fairly common fate of such individuals.  The thing is, I never always worked in IT.  Since I was 15 I worked and trained in television production.  I later went to school for web design and interactive media, and due to the economic fallout of 2008, I trained for a Linux+ certificate, which got me the job into the IT department originally. At the time, I was just looking for job to feed myself.

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Welcome to the Media Frontier

My name is Eric Weiss and I am a media designer and developer.    I do everything from web development to video production.  A matter of fact that is my niche, I develop a production and stream the production using your own technologies, without reliance on third party services.  I have pretty much been about 4 years of web work integrating video and ran into every problem imagined.  I want to  share my knowledge and the solutions to those problems.

Current project: RedChip Companies - RedChip Money Report Studio

Yes, with the financial backing of this investment firm, I have coordinated the building and equipment setup of a full-blown in-house studio for RedChip Companies.  I am doing this with the help of our producer Chris Snyder.  The President of the company, Dave Gentry, wants to build this studio to film a weekly show called the “RedChip Money Report”.  Through out this project I will detail everything I have done, and tell you some of the things that I have learned from doing this project.  Currently, I am about four months into the project and so much has happened. As you look at my blog you can see a picture of the studio from the master control room at the header (there will be more pictures).  I will detail each step of the studio building process, and tell you what issues we had in building this project.

Please enjoy.

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